In the summer of 2007 former Pastor Jeremy Mills felt a deep burden for the city of Paris, Ky.  The first service was held in October 21, 2007 in the Mills' home with 16 in attendance.  They held service in their home till January 2008 when they took a step of faith and rented a building on Pleasant Street.



The first service on Pleasant Street was January 20, 2008.  There were 21 people in attendance.  From January of 2008 to March of 2012 they grew the church and baptized over 20 in the precious Name of Jesus.  Several received the Holy Ghost and they had many powerful moves of God. In the spring of 2011, the current location became available which would allow seating for just over 100 people.  In April, the congregation moved to 711 Link Ave.  In June 2011, they began a remodel of the upper level of the church. 




 In January 2014, AGAC voted Pastor Enmen as Pastor.  The work of God continues under the leadership of Pastor Enmen.  As of September 2014, 9 have been baptized and 4 have been filled with the Holy Ghost.